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From 19th July, Power Clean will continue to provide contactless cleaning while taking sensible precautions to keep you, our team, and the general public safe. As a company we'll continue to provide our services using Covid-secure guidelines best practice as recommended by the UK Gov.

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Professional Roof
Cleaning in Allendale Town

Professional Roof
Cleaning in Allendale Town

Skyvac Interceptor cleaning technology thoroughly cleans your roof for an impressive, spotless finish.

Power Clean offers professional roof cleaning in the Allendale Town and Tyne & Wear areas. Our service will clean and maintain the roof of your property to extend its life. Our focus on quality has earned us a solid reputation as industry experts and we take pride in our work and
commitment to excellence.

With experience in commercial and residential roof cleaning, Power Clean is your number one choice for all your exterior cleaning needs. We offer green and environmentally friendly products which produce outstanding results, while also ensuring the safety of both our
employees and the environment we operate in.

Our SkyScraper roof cleaning services include:

  • Professionally trained and insured roof cleaning experts
  • Moss, algae, and lichen removal
  • Debris build-up removal
  • Power cleaning for tough to reach areas

SkyScraper Cleaning
Technology for a Clean Roof

Reap the benefits of a cleaner roof with SkyScraper

Protect Your Roof

Having your roof cleaned protects it from the damaging effects of the elements. Roofs that are not cleaned on a regular basis can suffer from moss and algae build-up, debris accumulation,damage to roofing materials, and lower energy efficiency – All of which can lead to costly repairs in the future.

Maintain The Condition Of Your Roof

A clean roof absorbs sunlight more effectively, which naturally heats up your home. This can lower your energy bills, making this service an effective way to save money on utilities. Having a clean roof also enhances the aesthetic of your property; give it that extra something that stands out from all the rest with our professional roof cleaning services!

Prevent Stains Appearing On Roof

If your roof is stained, it can be difficult to clean and may require special treatments. With our roof cleaning services, Power Clean can prevent unsightly stains from appearing on your roof using SkyScraper technology. Let us take care of your roof so that you don’t have to!

What Customers Say About Our
SkyScraper roof cleaning service

Over 4000 Raving Customer Reviews

Roof Cleaning

Power Clean’s roof cleaning technique allows us to produce amazing results using the SkyScraper roof cleaning system. Our highly trained roof cleaning professionals are fully insured with years of experience in commercial and residential roof cleaning services. We will provide
you with a free estimate which is based on an accurate analysis of the condition of your roof.

Innovative Skyscraper
Roof Cleaning Equipment

Power Clean uses the SkyScraper cleaning technology that allows safe cleaning of your roof. This innovative system allows us to remove tough moss and debris without needing to enter onto the roof surface. We do not use any harmful products or materials and ensure that your roof is clean and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided some answers to frequently asked questions about our SkyScraper roof cleaning services..
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

No, our professionals are experienced in roof cleaning and use safe and effective techniques that will not damage your roof.

Mold and algae can be dangerous to your health and should be removed and treated quickly. Power Clean has the right equipment to remove these harmful organisms from your roof.

Our roof cleaners use environmentally friendly products, so your roof is kept safe while still producing an outstanding result.

A clean roof is a reflection on your property and can add marketability to it. It also enhances the curb appeal of your home, making it stand out from other properties in your neighborhood.

Our Service Areas

Our Power Clean teams cover parts of Northumbeland, Tyne & Weear.